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Inscape Cubicles & Washrooms Achieves Energy Savings with ECOGATE® Dust Extraction System

The Challenge

Inscape Cubicles & Washrooms, a top UK manufacturer of toilet cubicles and washroom systems, was on the lookout for a way to boost efficiency and cut down on energy costs at their Chorley, Lancashire manufacturing facility. Enter the ECOGATE® dust extraction optimization system from Dust Control Systems Ltd.

The Solution: ECOGATE® System

This incredible, energy-saving solution was seamlessly retrofitted to Inscape's existing DCS extraction system without needing any major changes to their filter, ducting, or 37kW main fan. First, the team conducted an on-site energy survey to assess the specific demands of all the machinery in the workshop. This gave DCS engineers the crucial data they needed to optimize the system, resulting in big reductions in volume and absorbed power.

How ECOGATE® Technology Works

Before the upgrade, Inscape's dust extraction system was working non-stop, even when machines weren't in use. DCS showed them how much energy they could save by providing precise extraction volumes only when needed. Here's what they did:

  1. Fitted a variable speed drive to the fan

  2. Installed ECOGATE automatic motorized gates with sensors on all machines

  3. Employed the ECOGATE greenBOX12+ controller to detect changes in extraction load and adjust the fan drive

Now, the sensors signal the controller to open or close gates as machines come online or shut down, ensuring optimal extraction volumes. The Results: Real-time Monitoring and Control

Paul Mills, Inscape's managing director, is thrilled with the ECOGATE system, saying it's exceeded all expectations for energy savings. In fact, at the current rate of savings, they're looking at an investment payback period of just 18 months. Plus, the interest-free loan from the Carbon Trust made the decision even more financially savvy.

Production director Gary Wynne loves the real-time monitoring capabilities of the system, visible on the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) display. The greenBOX controller manages automatic gates on all machines and adjusts the fan's speed automatically based on sensor-detected requirements.

The Verdict: A Win-Win Solution

The ECOGATE system was installed with minimal disruption to production, and the Inscape manufacturing team couldn't be happier. Not only has it reduced energy costs, but it's also made the workshop a more pleasant place to work by significantly cutting down on noise levels.

In the end, the ECOGATE dust extraction optimization system has proven to be a fantastic investment for Inscape Cubicles & Washrooms, showcasing its potential for energy savings, optimized extraction volumes, and improved workshop conditions in manufacturing facilities.

InscapeEcogate Ltd. (UK) | DCS Group

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