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Ecogate Boosts Capacity at Charles Yorke

Growing Business Demands Improved Air Filtration

UK-based furniture manufacturer, Charles Yorke, has experienced significant improvements in their air filtration efficiency and ongoing operational costs, thanks to a turnkey Ecogate solution installed by Dust Control Systems (DCS) in the UK.

Ecogate Power Master installed

Charles Yorke, a custom and luxury furniture brand, has seen substantial growth over the last 20 years. Like many Ecogate customers, their air filtration and handling system had evolved over time, with each new piece of equipment adding strain and pressure to the overall efficiency of the system.

Original Extraction System and Business Expansion

The original extraction system at Charles Yorke employed three main fans that ran continuously at fixed speeds, providing 145kW of combined power and extracting around 95,000m3 of dust-laden air per hour from three separate ductwork lines.

As the business grew, additional equipment would require another extraction fan and possibly a second filter unit. This prompted Managing Director, Mark Denman of Charles Yorke, to reach out to DCS for a review and recommendations.

Ecogate greenBOX 12 installed

Ecogate Technology Provides the Solution

DCS demonstrated that by installing Ecogate technology, which continuously adjusts and optimizes fan speeds to match extraction demand, it would enable the introduction of additional machines without needing extra fan power or filtration capacity. In addition to postponing expenditure on a new fan and filter unit for the foreseeable future, the Ecogate system significantly reduced the amount of power consumed by the three main fans.

The energy survey conducted by Ecogate conservatively estimated that average fan speed would be reduced by around 20%. However, since a relatively small reduction in fan speed results in a significant reduction in electricity consumption, it was predicted that the resulting energy savings could cover the cost of installation in under four years.

Ecogate Automatic Blast Gate installed

Smooth Installation and Positive Feedback

Charles Yorke's service and maintenance supervisor, John White, commented on the installation, stating, "DCS engineers worked around our factory production schedules and completed the installation over a two-week period, including working through two weekends to facilitate completion of electrical installations that required production machinery to be shut down."

Can your system pay for itself in 4 years?


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