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9" Blast Gate for Standalone Operation
  • 9-inch Standalone Gate

    SKU: EG.209SA

    Standalone gates control ventilation for individual workstations without the need for a control unit. They require only an activity sensor and a continuous 24V DC current, making them an ideal solution for small shops or manufacturers with a limited number of machines.

    • Standalone Gates provide a means of opening and closing ventilation at a workstation without requiring connection to a greenBOX control unit. To function, the gate must be connected to the 24V DC power supply adapter (with an input of 120V or 240V AC) and the workstation activity sensor. It opens when the workstation is active (i.e., when material is being cut or fumes are produced) and can close either immediately or with a delay when the workstation is inactive. Each Standalone Gate is individually programmed before shipping.


      Our heavy-duty, patented rotating blade gate is an ideal solution for industrial ventilation systems that require dust collection, fume extraction, or mist collection, such as those used in woodworking, food packaging, welding, and other general dust applications. Ecogate gates are designed to be the most robust, advanced, and energy-efficient industrial gates available, providing an automated and cost-effective blast gate solution. They're equipped with an industrial 24V DC motor for automatic operation and reliable magnetic limit switches. Compared to pneumatically operated gates, they're less expensive to install and operate, making them a smart choice for an energy-efficient and economical dust collection system. Rotating blade gates come in sizes ranging from 4" to 26" (with 14-26" available with a Purchase Order), and are available in both zinc-plated and stainless steel options (with Purchase Order) to suit various installation and design needs.

      Learn more about Ecogate gates in this video.

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