Why Ecogate?

Because Ecogate is
On-demand | Efficient | Connected | Reliable | Ecological

The Ecogate dust collection control system knows when your machines are working and when they aren't.

By modulating fan power based on your needs in real-time, Ecogate gives you the right
amount of airflow second by second, day by day.

We call it Intelligent Ventilation - ventilation that's tailored just for you.

graph showing dust collection system electricity use over the course of a day with Ecogate


Electricity savings

On average, we save our customers 68% on their dust collection electricity bill.

That's thousands of dollars more in your pocket every single month, from day one.

Don't waste that money on electricity you don't need - spend it on new machinery, expansions, or research that will move your company forward.

Ecogate has saved some of our customers more than 20%
off their entire factory's electricity bill

Dust collection/exhaust ventilation is typically the largest electricity consumer in a factory, often accounting for more than 35% of the factory's total electricity bill. By making the ventilation system more energy efficient, Ecogate has saved some of our customers more than 20% off their entire factory's electricity bill.

graph showing dust collection system initial investment, maintenance, electricity expenses, and total lifecycle cost

Over the lifecycle of a dust collection system, electricity is the largest component of the system cost. By reducing this expense by 68% on average, Ecogate pays for itself many times over during its lifetime.

Learn more about dust collection system lifecycle costs

Because of the outstanding energy efficiency of the Ecogate system, our projects qualify for incentives from power utilities to offset the initial investment.

Learn more about available incentives.


The Ecogate system knows what's happening in your ventilation system at all times, and so should you.

That's why we let you access the data through any web-connected device from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Instantly learn about how your workstations are used, how much electricity you're saving, and how your operations around the world compare to each other. You can learn more here.

If you have any questions about your system, we can run diagnostics on your system and provide support remotely, and even push software updates.

man using an Apple iPad to connect remotely to an Ecogate greenBOX Master control unit

Need to make
some changes?
No problem.

The Ecogate system equipped with our smart automatic blast gates will quickly adapt to any changes to your dust collection system. Just run our easy-to-use calibration wizard once you're done.

You focus on your production, and Ecogate will save you money day after day, month after month.

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Ecogate have been making on-demand ventilation systems for over 15 years, and all that experience goes into every product we make. Customers from a variety of industries trust us to provide them with a solution that makes their operations more efficient while requiring no special care from their workers.

Ecogate is the only system in the world that continually measures pressure, air velocity, and air volume at each gate and in the main duct. We use these values to control the system such that transport velocities are always maintained throughout the duct system, and to give you world-leading electricity savings.

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No other system in the world can do that.

You can view this data - and other metrics about your system - through our web interface. Learn more

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Ecogate complies with all NFPA and OSHA rules and regulations, providing you with a safer and more reliable working environment.


Ecogate is good for you and for the environment.

By significantly reducing the amount of electricity you use, Ecogate reduces the environmental footprint of your operations, moving you closer to sustainability.

By reducing the amount of air vacuumed, Ecogate decreases the amount of noise in your factory. This makes for happier workers, and doubles the life of your filter.

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