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Overview of Ecogate Analytics

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

You got your brand new Ecogate smart system installed and now you're ready for some juicy data. What can you expect? A screen from the Matrix?

Though we will be providing a ton of data to make your life better and help you make decisions, it will not look like the Matrix. We're here to help you get familiar with all the data coming from all your workstations.

You will have two ways to view your data.

  1. Logging into our Analytics Platform

  2. Daily Analytics Report delivered to you inbox

Ecogate's Analytics Platform

When you log into our Analytics Platform you will often be viewing one of 2 things, overall system performance or workstation utilization.

Overall System Performance

On the main dashboard you will find several key metrics, some of which include,

  • Fan Load

  • Fan/Filter Pressure

  • Average Number of Active Gates

  • VFD Frequency

These can be viewed as single values or displayed on a graph for any specific date of production.

Workstation Utilization

This is a valuable insight to have. With our Analytics Platform you can see how all your workstations are performing, how they are being used and how frequently. Additionally, you can input a specific date range to get even more insights for reviewing and comparing.

This can tell you whether or not your system can support additional Air Volume (in CFM). This data can also help optimize workflow, when it comes to machine relocation, advance workstation investment, adding workstations, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Daily Analytics Report

If you don't want to log into the Analytics Platform and search for detailed data, we also prepare daily reports and deliver them straight to your email.

The Daily Email gives you a snapshot of your system performed the day before, with a few key average values. Managers and supervisors find this valuable because they can review their dust collection performance daily without spending much time meeting with their team or fetching for data.

The image to the right is a screenshot of a user's daily report. It starts with a graph that shows the total Air Volume (in CFM).

Additionally, it displays a few critical key average values such as average motor load (kW), total dust collection energy use (kWh), average main duct velocity (fpm), total average air volume (CFM), average workstation utilization (%), and total fan run time (hr min sec).