How Ecogate Makes Adjusting Your Production Easier

Updated: Mar 9

At Ecogate, we pride ourselves on making the most advanced industrial dust collection control system in the world, and a big part of that is making sure that our system gives our customers the best energy-efficiency possible.

The Ecogate Calibration Wizard

There are many features that come together to achieve that end, and one of the key ones is the Ecogate Calibration Wizard that is included with our greenBOX Master system.

greenBOX Master Calibration Wizard - System and Fan Curves

The greenBOX Master calibration wizard measures the system and fan curves.

The calibration wizard measures a large number of system parameters, including the system and fan curves. You may recognize these curves from a standard industrial ventilation textbook. With Ecogate, you can have these curves measured for your own system! To the best of our knowledge, no other dust collection system in the world can give you this information.

The advantage of having the curves measured accurately is that Ecogate can then operate the system with optimal energy efficiency.

The greenBOX Master calibration wizard maps the system's operating range.

The greenBOX Master calibration wizard maps the system’s operating range.

As part of the calibration process, the greenBOX also measures leaks in the duct system, calculates the fan efficiency, and measures losses at the dust collector’s filter.

Combined with our patented smart gates, which measure air velocity, pressure, and air volume at all drops in real-time, a greenBOX Master system will give you unprecedented insight into your dust collection system. And, of course, you can access your greenBOX as well as detailed performance analytics from anywhere via secure remote access.

Making Changes is Easy

The ability to make changes to your facility quickly is key in order to be able to respond to customer demands or production process changes quickly. When this happens, the dust collection system must adapt as well.

With Ecogate, making these changes is easy. Adding or removing a workstation takes less than a minute on the greenBOX Master’s intuitive user interface – no reprogramming is needed.


Need to add a new machine to the dust collection system? No problem. Ecogate not only lets a fan of a given size service more workstations than a traditional system, but the Calibration Wizard will tell you exactly what your fan can handle.

When you’re done making changes to your duct system, just run the Calibration Wizard, and your system will be calibrated for the new configuration and running at optimal efficiency, with air velocities being measured continually at all drops.

Try comparing that with a traditional system – have a technician spend hours walking around your system taking measurements… and at the end all you have is a single measurement taken at one particular time. And the next time you make changes, the process starts all over again.

Our goal at Ecogate is to have your system running with the best possible energy efficiency while simultaneously providing you detailed information and generally simplifying your work. The Calibration Wizard is just one of the ways we do this.

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