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greenBOX NXT Controls Up To 32 Workstations and Now Only Costs $1,995.

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

For most operators, their relationship with their dust collection system is LOVE/HATE.

Their dust collection system performs very important safety and environmental roles for the company but they are also noisy, dusty, and expensive to operate.

Control unit greenBOX NXT can change the relationship to LOVE/LOVE.

  • Your dust control system will start automatically - operators just need to operate their machinery as they do normally

  • greenBOX will keep open gates only for machinery that is cutting material, everything else will be closed by automatic gates; this also means noise reduction in the factory

  • The Variable Frequency Drive will adjust the speed of the fan to perfectly match the needs of active workstations

  • This system saves on average 66% of the electricity consumption for dust collection

  • A rebate or cash incentive might be available from your power company to help with the costs to acquire and install the NXT

  • And as greenBOX NXT is connected via WiFi, it is easy to access it via your smartphone, iPad, or PC

  • greenBOX NXT collects data about utilization of your workstations (this can help you to better understand your production metrics) and data about electricity savings

  • The system is easy to adjust as you are adding, removing, moving workstations

  • The greenBOX NXT opens suction only to workstations currently in operation, so you can connect more workstations to the same dust collector & fan

The greenBOX NXT is cost-effective because it is using the same modern ARM processors similar to your smartphone. One ARM processor is controlling your dust collection system and a second ARM processor is running a complete web server that handles all communications.

To access greenBOX locally you just need to type an IP address, as if you were accessing any other website. No need to download and install any software.

For remote access from anywhere on the internet secure ERAS (Ecogate Remote Access System) is built-in. The software is written in C++ programming language - the same as SpaceX rockets use. The software is updatable over the air (WiFi) same as in Tesla cars.

You do not need any additional expensive boxes to connect all of your 32 gates and Variable Frequency Drive because all of them are connected with a simple cable loop. No need to pay for an expensive PLC with an expensive display, and expensive additional Modbus modules - the NXT has all that is necessary already built-in.

We guarantee that it is the most advanced dust collection control system for up to 32 gates at the best price available today. In addition, greenBOX NXT fulfils NFPA 652, and NFPA 664 safety requirements.