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Ecogate Software Is Not Vulnerable to the Log4j Bug

Updated: Apr 12, 2022


Ecogate software is not vulnerable to the Log4j bug because Ecogate is not using Java programming language; also, third-party software installed on the greenBOX MASTER is not Log4j vulnerable.

Log4Shell & Log4j

Log4Shell, an internet vulnerability that affects millions of computers, involves a ubiquitous piece of software, Log4j. The software is used to log all manner of activities that go on under the hood in a wide range of computer systems and servers. This vulnerability only applies to Java-based software, which does not apply to Ecogate software since we use C++, Python, and Javascript.

Ecogate Software Security

Our software engineers checked our software for the Log4j vulnerability. Since we use C++, Python, and Javascript, our software isn't directly affected. However, any third-party software we install on the greenBOX MASTER control unit could also have this vulnerability, therefore we contacted the respective support departments.

We communicated directly with LogMeIn about Log4J, considering the LogMeIn PRO client gets installed on all greenBOX MASTER systems - they confirmed that they are not vulnerable.

We are also using Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro from Comfort Software, their response was the same: they are not using Java, and their software is not vulnerable to Log4j.

The operating system of the currently delivered greenBOX MASTER is Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise - with software security updates available directly from Microsoft, it should be installed by your IT department.

If you have any security concerns or questions in regards to your Ecogate system, feel free to reach out.