Ecogate Signs the Climate Declaration

Updated: Mar 9

Commitment to being responsible stewards of the environment is one of the core values at Ecogate. This week we have taken yet another step in solidifying that commitment – we have signed the Ceres Climate Declaration. In doing so, we join our customers IKEA and Unilever, as well as over a thousand other companies who are taking the lead in tackling the challenges and seizing the opportunities presented by climate change.


America has always risen to the great challenges and led the world in seizing the opportunities presented by those challenges.  Climate change, no matter the cause, can be slowed by we the people stepping up and doing the right thing. That’s why we at Ecogate encourage you to Sign the Ceres Declaration today.

Ecogate can help you meet your energy savings goals. We typically save our customers 68% off their industrial ventilation bill (learn more). This can translate to more than 20% off an entire factory’s electricity bill. Our installation at the Bernhardt Furniture factory in Lenoir, NC knocked a full 22% off their electricity bill. Sauder Woodworking in Archbald, OH achieved 18% savings off their entire electricity bill, and Baker Furniture in Connolly Springs, NC got 20%.

These savings have an environmental a tremendous environmental impact. Over the past 15 years, Ecogate has prevented 4.2 billion lbs of CO2 from being released into the environment – learn how.

Look Who’s On Board!

Congratulations to the following companies for making the Ecogate decision to move forward into a new generation of On-Demand, Intelligent industrial ventilation. Some of the companies below are putting in their first Ecogate system, while others are upgrading additional facilities based on the success of the Ecogate system in their other facilities.

  1. IKEA – Danville, VA.

  2. Universal Forest Products – Riverside, CA

  3. Brentwood Industries – Brentwood, OR

  4. EATON Automotive – Roxboro, NC

  5. Rainier Woodworking – WA

  6. Quality Tops & Kitchens – Canada

  7. Solodoor – Czech Republic

  8. Chilfren Joinery – Letchworth Garden City, United Kingdom

Let use help you lessen your carbon footprint on the Earth and ‘enlarge’ your footprints on your way to the bank! Estimate your potential savings with Ecogate here.

We don’t say “Turn your air-flow into cash flow” for nothing! Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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