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Ecogate's Daily Analytics Report

Updated: Mar 8, 2022


Ecogate's Daily Analytics Report is delivered daily straight to your email. It gives you a snapshot of the overall system performance with a few key average values for the day before. The daily email is intended for maintenance personnel. It is helpful to understand if the dust collecting system is performing correctly. For example - if the filter pressure is too high, the cleaning system is not working properly.

Attached to the daily email is a file with the main duct and drop air velocities collected every five minutes. You can check if your dust collection is working properly workstation by workstation.

The image to the right is a screenshot of a user's daily report. It starts with a graph that shows the total Air Volume (in CFM).

Additionally, it displays a few critical key average values such as average motor load (kW), total dust collection energy use (kWh), the average main duct velocity (fpm), total average air volume (CFM), average workstation utilization (%), and total fan run time (hr min sec).

We've went ahead and broke down each key value on this report. To learn more about how to read each one and how to tell what's good from bad, follow our guide below.

Sections for Daily Analytics Report

  1. Energy Consumption

  2. Air Volume/Velocity

  3. Workstation Utilization

  4. Fan/Filter Pressure

This article only covers the Daily Analytics Report. Click Here to view our post on Overview of Ecogate Analytics.

Authors: Thanh Vu, Ales Litomisky