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Ecogate Announces New Dealer for Spain and Portugal

Ecogate + Air Jet

Effective 01-December-2021, Ecogate announces that the markets of Spain and Portugal will have direct access to the full line of Ecogate products through a new relationship established with Air Jet S.A. of Barcelona Spain.

AIR JET is a company specialized in improving the environment in industrial work environments. Engineering and commercialization of industrial filtration and gas treatment solutions are their two main action frames. For almost 40 years, AIR JET is offering to their clients the best and most innovative solutions, backed by thousands of facilities internationally. They invest a huge part of their resources in R&D, in order to improve and comply with the strictest environmental regulations.

To have the chance to bring this solution to our clients will be very helpful in assisting businesses achieve their environmental and financial goals. Ecogate is not yet well known in our local markets so we are excited to be one of the first to bring the message about this solution to our client base - Xavier Espanol, Managing Director of AIR JET.

AIR JET will be supported by EXTRACTLY Ltd - an Ecogate Master Dealer based in West Yorkshire, England. With vast experience of extraction installations in the UK, the team at Extractly evaluates how businesses manage and control dust and fumes generated by manufacturing processes, and offers recommendations and solutions to deal with the harmful waste. The company ensures that the most appropriate equipment and methods are employed, and that extraction systems are efficient, cost-effective, and compliant with health and safety regulations.

We’re delighted to be working with a company of high caliber like Air Jet. They have already shown a strong understanding of how Ecogate technology supports businesses. We look forward to helping them assist many companies in their markets in the future - Ales Litomisky, President & Chief Engineer at Ecogate.


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