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Dust Collection System Life Cycle Costs

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

As 2015 starts winding down, it’s time to plan and approve capital projects 2016. We thought we’d take this opportunity to discuss why making Ecogate one of those projects is a great financial decision.

Dust/waste collection is the single largest consumer of electricity in most factories, often accounting for over 40% of the entire factory’s electricity bill. Over the life cycle of a dust collection system, electricity is also the largest component of the system’s entire cost (greater than the upfront investment, installation, and maintenance). Reducing the dust collection system’s electricity use can therefore have a big impact on the bottom line.

Here is a comparison of dust collection system life cycle costs from a real US-based furniture manufacturer, based on an industry-standard 20-year system life cycle:

Dust Collection System Lifecycle Cost

Life cycle cost of a standard dust collection system compared to Ecogate-controlled alternative for a US-based furniture manufacturer. System has 86,698 CFM total air volume and 368 HP fan load. Calculations based on 20-year life cycle.

Ecogate typically reduces the dust collection system’s electricity use by over 60%, which more than halves the entire system cost over the life cycle. The graph above, based on real data, shows this visually.

Another financial benefit of using an Ecogate Intelligent Ventilation system is the potential to avoid significant capital expenses when adding workstations to an existing dust collection system. This is because for a fan of a given size, a greater number of workstations can be connected and serviced by an Ecogate-controlled system than would be possible with a traditional static dust collection system.

This was the case at our 2015 installation at Brentwood Corp., among others. At Brentwood, Ecogate resolved suction issues which resulted from a system running over capacity while simultaneously cutting the electricity bill for dust collection by 58%.


Of course, the specific impact Ecogate has depends on the facility, and for some of our customers the non-financial benefits outweigh even the considerable electricity savings.

If you’re curious about what Ecogate can do for you, contact us today!