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Daily Analytics Report - Workstation Utilization

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Workstation Utilization Overview

(Data covered in this post is highlighted inside the green rectangle)

The Average Workstation Utilization value indicates the average dust producing utilization of all workstations connected to the dust collecting system - also known as Active Utilization. This number is based on workstation activity sensors - it is calculating for each workstation how many percent of total production time workstation activity sensors are active. The present number is the average number for all workstations.

How to read the data

Usually the average workstation utilization number is a big surprise for factory managers. They expect that most machines are used at 90% utilization. Remember this the "active" utilization which is when machines are producing dust, we are not counting material loading, unloading, programming, cleaning and maintenance. Best use of this number is to evaluate overall factory utilization month by month - it should be a good correlation with the number of orders. Low utilization % indicates low production (either slow business cycle, it could be lower for second or third shift if number of employees is lower).

High utilization % indicates peak production (high business cycle). Monitoring the value for several months will give you a good idea of how the overall factory is being utilized. It is also easy to compare factory to factory.


The daily email value is best understood if they can be combined with our Analytics Platform. Thus, you could be able to see the average utilization of each machine and understand the overall utilization number clearly. This will help you to find your workflow bottleneck (what machines are almost not used, what machines are used most of the time.

For workstations that show extremely high utilization (close to 100%) make sure that the workstation activity sensor is positioned to detect "dust producing" time and not "power on" time.

Authors: Thanh Vu, Ales Litomisky