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Call for Partners & Dealers

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Ecogate created the space of intelligent industrial filtration controls.

We are innovators and disruptors who have turned classical duct design for industrial filtration on its head.

When we started the business in 1997 it was with a focus on developing and installing world-class intelligent controls for industrial exhaust ventilation. 23 years later we have not lost that passion and we go to market through a robust international dealer network.

Ecogate operates globally and we are always on the lookout for new dealer partners.

Who We're Looking to Work With

If this describes your company … we need to talk!

  • You are a full-service contractor that provides design, build, & installation services with an interest in adding a product solution to your offering.

  • You are an architecture, engineering or design-build company who delivers innovative high-quality projects that surpass their expectations and requirements.

  • You are an Energy Service Company focused upon energy efficiency projects in dust, fume, mist collection across multiple industries.

Let's Discuss

To begin the conversation, please visit our Partnership webpage.