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Updated: Apr 12

It’s a post-pandemic world. Business is picking back up which means production is increasing. This is good news for business, but due to supply chain disruptions, there are some operational concerns.

Costs Are Increasing and Trending Upwards

Between April 2020 to May 2021 the price of lumber spiked up an astounding 434%. In January 2021, UPS increased its shipping rates by 4.9%, and in September 2021, FedEx announced an average 5.9% price increase.

The cost of raw materials or shipping isn’t going to decrease anytime soon, in fact, it seems like its upward trend will only increase. With the new normal of higher costs, where can you cut costs such that it does not affect the quality of your product or impact your production cycle?

Cut Electricity Use, Not Product Quality

With over 24 years of experience, Ecogate has developed the greenBOX 12, the predecessor of the legacy greenBOX 8 system. The greenBOX 12 is ideal for production lines that have 12 or fewer workstations connected to a dust collection/filtration system.

greenBOX 12: Controller for Ecogate Standard System

The system saves on average 66% of the electricity consumption which can equate to thousands of dollars in savings each year. This can help offset the rising costs of materials and freight delivery that your facility is experiencing.

Additional Benefits

In addition to helping you recover some costs, your dust collection system, equipped with Ecogate, will start automatically only when machines are being operated. This will save you time throughout your day as you will no longer have to manually start/shut down your dust collector.

The greenBOX 12 is also compatible with most of the Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) that are on the market today. Having a VFD will maximize savings by ramping the dust collector as high or low as needed.

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits any product can offer is safety. The greenBOX 12 fulfills NFPA 652, and NFPA 664 safety requirements, giving you peace of mind when it comes to having the highest safety standards for your employees.

Rebates and Cash Incentives

Depending on your home state, a rebate or cash incentive might be available from your power company to help with the costs to acquire and install a greenBOX system. This means you could not only be cutting down costs after the investment, but also cut costs for the acquisition of the investment!

Eligible customers have seen their return on their capital investment in under 2 years when applying for a rebate. We can help you see what incentive programs are available.


What if you operate a facility that has more than 12 workstations? Ecogate offers other greenBOX controllers that can accommodate larger systems.

If you would like to see how an Ecogate System can optimize your factory to bring in those savings, check out The Ecogate Solution.

Author, Jose Pereyra-Muñiz

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