By modulating fan power based on your needs in real-time (and directing airflow where it needs to go), Ecogate gives you exactly the right amount of airflow second by second, day by day. 

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Save energy, save money. Lowest lifetime system cost on the market.


Industry 4.0

Full system automation with remote access & analytics.



NFPA 664 compliant system, cleaner, quieter & safer for your workers.



Expand or improve workflow with less capital expenditure.



Tough and made to last in industrial setting.



Lower carbon footprint.






On average, we save our customers 68% on their dust collection electricity bill.
That's thousands of dollars more in your pocket every single month, from day one.


Don't waste that money on electricity you don't need - spend it on new machinery, expansions, or research that will move your company forward.


Lifecycle Cost

Over the lifecycle of a dust collection system, electricity is the largest component of the system cost.


By reducing this expense by 68% on average, Ecogate pays for itself many times over during its lifetime.



Never Worry About Dust Collection Again

Ecogate will automate everything about your dust collection system: our controls will start the dust collector when work begins in the morning, and turn it off at the end of each shift.

Ecogate will adjust the fan speed automatically based on machine demands in real-time, and direct airflow where it needs to go using automatic blast gates.

Your dust collection system will use significantly less electricity while providing superior performance.

This also means Ecogate will increase the capacity of existing systems - without changing your dust collector or fan.


Stay Connected

The Ecogate system knows what's happening in your ventilation system at all times, and so should you. That's why we let you access the data through any securely-authenticated device from anywhere in the world, 24/7.


Instantly learn about how your machines are used, how much electricity you're saving, what the air velocities are at the drops and the main duct of each system, and much more.


If you have any questions about your system, we can run diagnostics on your system and provide support remotely, and even push software updates.


Ultimately, this provides you with a level of insight, access, and service that is unparalleled in the industry.

The Ecogate system equipped with our smart automatic blast gates will quickly adapt to any changes in your operation. When you're done adding or moving machines, just hook them up to your system and run our easy-to-use calibration wizard.


You focus on your production, and Ecogate will make sure your dust collection is working exactly the way you want it to.


Combustible Dust Explosion

Dust that isn't adequately removed is harmful for everything from employee health to finish quality, and can ultimately pose fire or explosion hazards.

Ecogate technology eliminates any settling in your main duct and greatly reduces in-factory dust accumulation.

This video explains how settled dust increases the risk of fires and explosions, which can cause catastrophic injuries, loss of life, and destruction of buildings.


Prevent Factory Fires

Other keys to dealing with dust successfully include implementing good processes and practices, automation, and staying informed



Add Machines Without Adding A New Collector

Using Ecogate on automatic mode will reduce the time your fans are operating which reduces the load on your systems. Next time you have to grow, you might be able to grow into your system that is not at usage capacity already.


By allowing Ecogate to automatically control the on/off functionality of your system, you WILL reduce your electricity by being turned off when it is not needed so you will be able to add to your system without always adding a new collector.


Make Changes To Your Production Facility

Having to guess or estimate your ability to reroute ducts or add/delete machines is no way to effectively run your business.


The intuitive interface of the Greenbox MASTER lets you reconfigure your ventilation system quickly and easily. Change any system settings in a snap through our intuitive interface. Immediately see the details of any system warnings or errors.


Designed for industrial settings

We have been making on-demand ventilation systems for over 20 years, and all that experience goes into every product we make.

Ecogate is the only system in the world that continually measures pressure, air velocity, and air volume at each gate and in the main duct. We use these values to control the system such that transport velocities are always maintained throughout the duct system, and to give you world-leading electricity savings.

No other system in the world can give you the same insight and reliability.


All of our products are designed for long-term, heavy use in industrial environments. That is why segment leaders such as IKEA, Tesla Motors, Boeing, and others rely on Ecogate to manage their dust collection systems.







Sustainable Dust Collection System

By significantly reducing the amount of electricity you use, Ecogate reduces the environmental footprint of your operations, moving you closer to sustainability.


That is one of the reasons why Andersen Corporation has decided to partner with Ecogate on dust collection projects at multiple facilities. Andersen Corporation has a strong sustainability policy, and that made an Ecogate solution a win-win-win - see the case study.

By reducing the amount of air vacuumed, Ecogate decreases the amount of noise in your factory. This makes for happier workers - and that's good for everyone.


At Synsor Retail Innovation, the noise reduction inside the factory was measured at 8 dB - a difference that is immediately noticeable.


Energy Saved Per Year

Ecogate customers around the world are currently saving a total of approximately 65,000,000 kWh per year! What does that mean? Well, it is the equivalent of the numbers below.


Greenhouse gas emissions from 9,929 passenger vehicles driven for one year.


CO2 emissions from 106,402 barrels of oil consumed.


CO2 emissions from 5,171,329 gallons of gasoline consumed. 


CO2 emissions from 5,861,074,850 smartphones charged.


CO2 emissions from 5,303 home's energy use for one year.


Carbon sequestered by 60,018 acres of U.S. forests in one year.


Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by 15,632 garbage trucks waste recycled instead of landfilled.

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