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Automated Industrial Ventilation

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Smart Ventilation Solutions for Industry 4.0 Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on advantages of interconnectivity, automation, and real-time data. Ecogate is at the forefront of this revolution, offering cost-effective solutions that cater to the needs of modern manufacturers and their customers.


Efficient Dust Collection and Exhaust Ventilation Management

Ecogate automates your entire dust collection or fume extraction systems, starting the system at the beginning of each workday and turning it off at the end of the shift. Using real-time data, Ecogate adjusts the fan speed and directs airflow using automatic blast gates to adapt to machine demands, resulting in energy-efficiency and superior performance. The system is designed to be fully automated, allowing users to focus solely on operating their workstations. Expand your existing system's capacity without changing the dust collector or fan, and experience the Ecogate advantage.

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Stay Informed and Connected

With Ecogate, you'll have access to real-time data about your industrial ventilation system from any secure, authenticated device worldwide, 24/7. Gain insights into machine usage, energy savings, air velocities at drops and main ducts, and more, helping you make data-driven decisions for preventive maintenance and cost-effective improvements.


Remote diagnostics, support, and software updates ensure you receive industry-leading service and an unparalleled level of access to your system.


Seamless Adaptability for Operational Changes

Ecogate's smart automatic blast gates facilitate rapid adjustments to your factory's operational changes. Connect new or relocate machines to the system and then simply run the user-friendly calibration wizard, allowing you to focus on production while Ecogate ensures optimal industrial ventilation performance.

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