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greenBOX NXT

The greenBOX NXT is Ecogate’s newest member of the greenBOX® control unit family for industrial ventilation systems: “Makes the common dust extraction system super easy, and the uncommon possible”. 

Ecogate Systems are energy-efficient, cloud-connected, and remotely accessible.


The greenBOX NXT is based on modern ARM processors (one processor is handling all control tasks, the second processor is used for web server and communication tasks; separation of control functions and user interface increases the reliability of the greenBOX NXT) with simple remote access by utilizing a built-in web server. It can manage dust/fume/mist ventilation systems with up to 32 workstations/gates. Measurements & regulation of all ventilation values are included. The greenBOX NXT fulfills NFPA 664 and NFPA 652 requirements. Ecogate Systems controlled by a greenBOX have evolved, and are now established as the lowest-cost dust/fume/mist collection system to own and operate safely.


greenBOX® NXT can manage all types of industrial exhaust ventilation systems in metalworking, woodworking, welding, oil mist, fume, pharmaceutical, food processing, and other industries.

For a system with up to 32 workstations.


Includes Data Analytics, Cloud backup, Daily emails for Maintenance, Monthly emails for Management, Remote Access from your smartphone or any other device, WiFi connection, and a built-in Web server. 

ARM processors (like the ones in your smartphone) make this device powerful & very cost-effective. 


Air Volume/Velocity/Pressure measurements at each smart gate & main duct. 

Over The Air (OTA) software updates (like Tesla cars).

Compatible with Ecogate Smart gates, Ecogate sensors, and with Power MASTER VFDs. The gates are connected in daisy-chain fashion using Ecogate MASTER cable.



The gates are equipped by Open & Closed limit switches; the limit switches position is indicated to operators, transferred to greenBOX control system for safe system performance (most competing systems do not have this option)

Minimal airflow is managed in the entire duct system, separately in three duct zones (competing systems do not have this option)

Reading & writing all VFD parameters from User Interface (it means you can program the VFD parameters remotely)

Data from the system are collected to Ecogate Cloud Server and reported to user 

System setup file is automatically backed up to Ecogate Cloud Server

As an insurance policy, greenBOX can be set to use the “Cleaning” function (all gates open, fan at full speed. Cleaning options are: at regular intervals, deep cleaning one duct zone at a time, cleaning at system stop)

Fan On delay, Fan Off delay function

Gate On/Off delay function

Monitoring of the Fan total static pressure, Filter differential pressure (with option to set Warning and Error pressure values both for Minimum and Maximum, both for Fan and Filter to allow practical information to be logged; at Error pressure value system will stop)

Workstation activity sensor input can be set as Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC), and short pulse can be extended by Input Timer function

Gate limit switches, motor current, voltage, opening/closing time, electronics temperature, drop pressure, air velocity, and air volume are monitored and reported to the system

“Compensation” option will increase suction if particular gate is active (available per each gate, settings is percentage)

Selectable function if gates should open or close at system stop (open gates are preferable for safety, but sometimes closing gates is preferable if moisture entering the factory can create problems)

Event Log: all important events are logged to the file and accessible via User Interface. It is easy to see what is happening.

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