Ecogate is controlling dust collection systems in over a thousand factories in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australia & New Zealand in industries including woodworking, printing, food processing, welding, and others.

Renewal by Andersen

In the first 6 months of 2016, Ecogate reduced the facility's electricity use by over 700,000 kWh, which is equivalent to reducing its carbon footprint by 1,100,000 lbs.

New York University

"It's important to us to have a well-equipped, modern shop. The Ecogate system has been super." 
Gustabo Velazquez, Sculpture Shop Manager

Synsor Retail Innovation

Ecogate helped Synsor increase the capacity of their dust collection system to accommodate new machines while dramatically reducing electricity use, all with a return-on-investment of just 1.05 years.

Rixonway Kitchens

"We are thrilled with the Ecogate System. It sits perfectly with the company's 'green' ethos, and we are also enjoying greatly reduced noise levels."
David Beanland, Project Manager

Brentwood Corp

Ecogate increased the capacity of Brentwood's dust collection system while avoiding the need to buy a new dust collector and saving 58% on electricity costs.

Quality Tops & Kitchens

By installing Ecogate, QTK have reduced their dust collection system's energy use by 62%, which has translated to annual savings of over $38,000.

Madison Area Tech College

"The machine utilization report is really cool. It can inform decisions such as where to focus preventative maintenance." Patrick Molzahn, Cabinetmaking & Millwork Program Director

Alan Nuttall

"Everyone is impressed with the Ecogate System, which provides us with 'on-demand' extraction without wasting valuable energy." 
Bob Williams, Works Manager

Weavers Custom Woodworking

Ecogate reduced the energy consumption at Weaver's by approximately 70% while automating the entire system and noticeably reducing the sound level inside the facility.

Auditoria Services

Auditoria was consuming over 93,000 kWh of electricity per year and, with electricity costs rising year on year, the option to invest in the Ecogate system and reduce power consumption by at least half was a no-brainer for Auditoria.

Global Wood Group

Ecogate reduces Global Wood Group's energy use by 280,000 kWh annually, with a return-on-investment of just 2 years.

Kelvin KBB

"Installing Ecogate obviously made sound business sense... we now have a much more efficient, automated extraction system, and we are also benefiting from having a very much quieter workshop."
Kevin Lumb, Facility and Maintenance Manager


"We are witnessing drastic savings in electricity."
John Martinovic, Director of Operations, Tekwood

South Shore Millwork

South Shore Millwork reduced electricity use by over $50,000 annually with an ROI of less than two years.

Crystal Doors

"We now have the most efficient extraction system possible for our business, with capacity to spare and a life expectancy in excess of 20 years."
Richard Hagan, Managing Director


All production machines are fitted with Ecogate automatic dampers which open and close as machines come on-line or shut down - the end result is a highly-efficient, optimised system that only uses energy when required.

Ellis Furniture

"The factory is much quieter after the Ecogate installation."
Paul Dudley, Engineering Manager


"It's an amazing system - you can literally see the variation in real-time power levels on the VSD display. Our manufacturing team love it because it has dramatically reduced noise levels in the workshop." 
Gary Wynne, Production Director

Utopia Bathroom Group

"Analysis of the system data produced staggering results - total savings were way ahead of original predictions, and equated to annual savings of 700,000 kWh."
Jon Phelps, Utopia Bathroom Group

Verco Office Furniture

"We are extremely pleased with the level of savings & with the all-round efficiency of the system. Also, we are enjoying a noticeably quieter life in the machine shop, much to the delight of the workforce and our visiting HSE inspector."
Mick Pitwell, Machine Shop Manager

Chilfen Joinery

"Our dust plant has been transformed into a highly-efficient system, which operates at reduced noise levels, and provides extraction only where needed." 
Russell Pearson, Production Manager

Routec GB

"We now have an extraction system which operates extremely efficiently, will save us around £7,000 per year on electricity costs, and has provided a much quieter and dust-free working environment."
Paul Moxon, Operations Manager