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Ecogate announces innovative new technology

Click here to learn more about the new Air Velocity Measuring Ecogate, Automatic Calibration Software and the newly redesigned Ecogate Power MASTER.

Ecogate Inc. is seeking a talented and motivated Engineer

Ecogate Inc., the global leader for energy efficient industrial ventilation controls technology, is seeking a talented and motivated Engineer. Ecogate Inc. and its innovative GreenBOX industrial ventilation controls technology leads the industrial energy savings market by intelligently directing dust collection and ventilation as it's needed. This groundbreaking approach decreases dust collection energy consumption by 70% or more. The GreenBox system is rapidly becoming an industrial standard.

Job Description


Ecogate on-demand ventilation systems manage airflow resulting in energy savings between 50% and 90%

  • Woodworking Industry (installation examples: VT Industries, RSI Home Products, Sauder Woodworking, Sauder Manufacturing; many woodworking shops on college and high school campuses)
  • Metalworking Industry (installation examples: Boeing Corporation, Tesla Motors, Metalworking Shop in the US NAVY Shipyard; Nordfab duct/sheet metal shop, Thomasville, NC)
  • Paper Printing Industry (installation examples: Sheridan Books, Chelsea, MI; Schumann Printers, Fall River, WI)
  • Welding Shops (installation examples: Welding school in the US NAVY Shipyard in Bremerton, WA; Old Colony High School, Rochester, WA)
  • Chemical Industry (installation examples: Fulflex, Brattleboro, VT; Vesuvius, Tyler, TX)
  • Other applications: plastic shavings, sewing, fiberglass, pharmaceutical and more

Ecogate, Inc. has successfully installed systems on three continents (in USA, Canada, Mexico, European Union, Australia, and New Zealand). We have 11 years' experience with energy saving on-demand ventilation systems, and 11 years of the feedback from our customers is built into our systems.

Remember: you need to buy electricity for your ventilation systems every month, but you only have to buy the energy saving Ecogate system once.

What is your application?
Call us at 888-ECOGATE or email us at

Ecogate Systems for Home Shops

Ecogate Industrial Systems

  • Turn on suction only to machines in use
  • Turn the dust collector on and off as needed
  • Improve your environment, protect your health, save electricity.
  • Include motorized gates, a greenBOX ® controller unit, and sensors
  • The unit can be programmed to keep one or more gates open for proper airflow through the dust collector, and to delay shutting the system off to clear ducts
  • Home system brochures

ECOGATE System Description & How the System Works

The Ecogate System is completely automated, thanks to sensors and the greenBOX ® controller. When a machine is turned on, the sensor signals the greenBOX® to open the appropriate gate and turn on the dust collector. When the machine stops, the gate closes, and the dust collector stops.

ECOGATE System Description & How the System Works

To improve the suction and reduce electricity consumption a motorized gates are used at each workstation. When a machine is turned on, the sensor signals the greenBOX® to open the appropriate gate. The Ecogate System monitors the activity of all machines in your factory and, through a variable speed drive, continually optimizes the amount of power supplied to your fan. This generates energy savings of up to 80%. The system is designed to maintain minimum airflow in the duct system to avoid sawdust settling in the duct system by open additional gates when necessary. Installing the Ecogate System saves money, electricity & natural resources.

We offer three different control systems for different sizes of factories. The medium sized greenBOX 12/24 is designed for medium sized factories with up to 24 workstations. And the largest control unit, greenBOX MASTER, can handle up to 200 workstations. See more about our system selection on the Industrial Systems page.

"We used to look at environmentalism as a hobby for the high-minded. But conserving energy and living a "green" lifestyle is actually the most patriotic thing you can do today. It fights global warming, protects nature, shrinks our dependence on foreign oil, and makes America a model others want to follow. Green is the color of patriotism. Green is the new red, white and blue."

- Thomas Friedman, Author of The World Is Flat and New York Times columnist

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